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Christine Greyson, music & performance artist, visualist & writer, was born February of 1972 & grew up in the western Appalachian mountains of North Carolina. She has independently published books and short stories, painted hundreds of oil pieces, and spent most of her years traveling the country in a seemingly carefree, gypsy fashion. Her philosophies and career choices compliment each other, and are rooted in raw human experience. Ultimately, this has given a deeper life to her stories and pictures. A multi-talented artist, Greyson uses everything she has; visuals, music, acting, and writing to engage interest. “Storytelling is my passion. I’m here on earth simply to experience and to survive it. There’s really no other good reason for the way it all works.”




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Alternative & Experimental Sonic Waves



Spirit Books


Eva’s Search For Heart

Eva the wolf feels a desire and a restlessness inside her she cannot explain. She befriends a crow in the magical forest to help guide her towards contentment. This is a story of learning meditation and self exploration. The book has been created in the form of a childrens’ story, but has been written for both adults and children. Includes full color illustrations; Volume 1 of 2.

Paperback: $9.99, Kindle Edition: $4.99 on


Pulse Of An Old World

After much soul searching, Eva figures out how to manifest her dreams and ideas into a tangible art form. Full color, original illustrations; Volume 2 of 2.

Paperback: $9.99, Kindle Edition: $4.99 on


Gypsy Love & Moonshine

Gypsy Love & Moonshine

True stories of love, danger, and the journey into independent living. Eccentric and bohemian tales of joy and pain, and some of the lessons it took for one soul to find the magic elixir which could finally quench her thirst. This is a personal exploration into letting go of the kinds of norms and lifestyles that could be repressing our true potential as human beings, and our happiness.

Amazon Kindle: ($5.00)

Sensual Life Coaching

Embrace your sensuality, as it’s a powerful force in establishing yourself and attracting the types of people and things you want in your life. A perspective on how closely we are connected to our natural world, and how to fine tune our instincts & primal skills. This ebook, under 10 pages long, was originally published as a complimentary tool to Greyson’s Sensual Life Coaching & distributed to clients¬†during sessions.

Amazon Kindle: ($2.99)

Google Play: ($2.51)

A Conversation On Open Relationships

An exploration of an open relationship. This touches the tip of the iceberg, as these types of relationships vary and evolve depending on who is involved. The idea of this e-book is to share one person’s experience, and to offer an honest perspective for anyone who has ever been curious about it. This is not meant to undermine or discredit the traditionally accepted monogamous relationship in any way, and is simply an alternative lifestyle adventure. The author expresses some of her reasons behind her choice to be in an open partnership. Short read, under 10 pgs. Originally published¬†as a complimentary tool to Greyson’s Sensual Life Coaching Sessions.

Amazon Kindle: ($2.99)