Sensual Life Coaching

Embrace your sensuality, as it’s a powerful force in establishing yourself and attracting the types of people and things you want in your life. A perspective on how closely we are connected to our natural world, and how to fine tune our instincts & primal skills. This ebook, under 10 pages long, was originally published as a complimentary tool to Greyson’s Sensual Life Coaching & distributed to clients during sessions.

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A Conversation On Open Relationships

An exploration of an open relationship. This touches the tip of the iceberg, as these types of relationships vary and evolve depending on who is involved. The idea of this e-book is to share one person’s experience, and to offer an honest perspective for anyone who has ever been curious about it. This is not meant to undermine or discredit the traditionally accepted monogamous relationship in any way, and is simply an alternative lifestyle adventure. The author expresses some of her reasons behind her choice to be in an open partnership. Short read, under 10 pgs. Originally published as a complimentary tool to Greyson’s Sensual Life Coaching Sessions.

Amazon Kindle: ($2.99)